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i love mentaiko's work! i usually don't like bara but this style is very different and HOT! it would be better if mentaiko added more chapters! ^(
Non sei l'unico! Io queste immagini le trovo magnifiche davvero! MP ~Squall
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Today's Artist Spotlight features artwork by the Japanese bara manga creator known as Mentaiko manga Mentaiko manga Mentaiko. This artist was suggested by J, who wondered if I had ever .
ciao a tutti!in giro ho trovato un "lavoro" di mentaiko che si chiama , ho provato a cercarlo ma nn riesco a scaricar
Danshi | Mentaiko | Kano Ryouki | Takeshi Matsu | Shunpei Nakata | Tsukasa Matsuzaki | Hibakichi.
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Hi Guys! I posted my translation on another site a couple of days ago and thought I would share it with you (copy and paste from my post there) I'm
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Title: itai ITAI itai Author: Mentaiko Genre: Hard Yaoi, Bara Translator: zgl Status: Ongoing Language: English Note: Well, I don't have further news
Mentaiko yaoi Manga. The Mentaiko yaoi Manga page contains a list of

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