Do they get paid for deadliest catch

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Yes. They get an appearance fee for every episode they appear in and also get paid each time they do a celebrity appearance for the Discovery Channel to support the show.
Originally posted by aghlfwh: I wondered, at the end of each season Mike Rowe announces how much each deckhand makes from what they catch. How much do greenhorns get?
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from what iv seen, during the beginning of the shows first run was deck hands making 50-80k at the end of the trip
Camermen are on the go and always have to be on their game. They can make as much as $58,000 working for local networks. If you are able t . view more.
With all the crab that was fished in 'Deadliest Catch', what do they do with all that crab afterwords? Most of the Alaskan catch is exported to Japan, according to .
Best Answer: They still get paid, but not as much. If they do not hit their quota, then they are under, but they still have crab to sell to the markets. they just .
does anyone know if the crew members on the deadliest catch get paid for being on discovery channel in addition to there deckhand wages?? I love the show and i'm just .
How much do the boats on Deadliest Catch get paid for allowing cameras on their boats?
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I haven't been through all these post, but I haven't seen much if anything about whether or not Guys get paid for being on the show? It makes sense to me, because of .,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=f6470e4d0f8b4ab9
They get paid. . $750.00$5,000 per episode. .The Roloffs on Little People Big World have added onto their home, bought new vehicles, taken exotic cruises and family .
Today's cuppa: PG Tips tea This past week, I wrote a story about Discovery's "Deadliest Catch" for Zap2it -- click here to have a look-- that focused on last Tuesday .
Best Answer: I`ve searched and that is something I can`t find anywhere. Whatever it is it`s not enough. I love the show and it keeps me on the

Do they get paid for deadliest catch

edge of my seat every week.
A documentary show about one of the world's most dangerous professions. What they endure and the hardships of all that

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