Can you join the army with prescribed adderall

15. prosince 2011 v 17:14

Valarie: Will the army turn you down in you test positive for adderal during your physical
So I know the regulations based on the fact that if you were to join the USAF, that you will need a High School Diploma, or at least 115 college credits.
Was craved it is there a preliminary dq by. Exhaustion after ur year in the disorder, adderall months of what you. Illegally taking adderall, i read the dose.
If I was taking adderall to counter the tiredness from smoking cigs, and I quit both, can I join the army?
Valarie: I used to take adderall but ive been Can you join the army with prescribed adderall off of it for a year because i dont need it can i now join the military
Best Answer: "Off the meds for a year" means no use of those medications for a period of one year prior to your physical exam. In addition, you have to document good .
Jerry My recruiter told me i can still join the guards even thou i pop hot on my meps test for the army is this true
I want to join the army but

Can you join the army with prescribed adderall

i have a pwid marijuana less then 1/2 ounce misdemeanor. Will i be able to join still even if i have that charge.
Can you join the military if you get oral cold sores or will you get rejected? Find answers to your legal question.
Best Answer: Generally, a med like Adderall (or any other meds for mental health) will NOT be prescribed at sick call. Sick call is for minor acute issues that can be .
Oh and uh. Go Army. You too can be fed, soul-first into the meat grinder. More bodies for the endless death, Captain. Oh. Pardon me. Is my bitterness showing?
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I have prescriptions for Adderall, Dexedrine and Ritalin. I have not been taking any of these for a while but I could get them refilled if I wanted.
Here's what the Adderall website has to say: Do not crush, chew, break, or open the capsule. Swallow it whole because it is designed to release the amphetamine and .

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